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(Amiyo Devienne)


Amiyo was born in France, where she studied many forms of dance. In Pune she was the leader of Nartana, a therapy-play-creativity dance group given by Osho to hundreds of his people. She lived and taught in all his communes and was one of his mediums for Energy Darshans

She says about herself: Originally dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and dance therapist, trained in several psycho-corporal techniques, in Esalen Institute (USA), in African dance in Douala (Cameroon), in contemporary dance in France, Amiyo Devienne studied Gurdjieff movements with Avrom Altmann, direct student of John G. Bennett.

Amiyo lived many years in the Pune ashram, where she created a unique synthesis between the eastern and western visions of dance, and where she learned the stillness of meditation.

In 1989 Osho asked Amiyo to study Gurdjieff Movements and for the past 30 years she has been traveling worldwide to share her experience.

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