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(Zulma Reyo)

c. 1975
Earliest PR work, 1976
Krishna House days 1976 - 1977
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Prem Divya was born in the USA in 1943, grew up in Puerto Rico and was part of the human potential movement in the sixties and early seventies. She became a sannyasin in 1973 and lived 12 years in Poona and Rajneeshpuram. Her first book, Lord of the Full Moon, was published in 1980, and she has published a further 11 books (translated into several languages), her most recent being Tightrope. Divya is a spiritual coach, author and lecturer, offering a variety of training groups.

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Palma de Mallorca
Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness
1981 : Lord of the Full Moon
1994 : Mastery: Path of Inner Alchemy
1994 : Muerte y Renacimiento
1998 : Feuer und Licht
2000 : O Amor do Fogo Sagrado
2001 : Karma & Sexuality: The Transforming Energies Of Spiritual Development
2005 : La Jornada
2005 : Viviendo en la Matrix
2005/2008 : Alquimia Interior
xxxx : Innere Alchemie. Der Weg der Meisterschaft
2007 : Guia Prático dos Chakras
2007 : Karma Y Sexualidad
2010 : The Inner Woman
2012 : Inteligencia femenina
2017 : Tightrope: My Story with Osho Before He Was Osho

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