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(aka Ma Prem Arup, B.A., M.M., D.Litt.M. (RIMU) aka Maria Gemma Kortenhorst aka Maria Ackerman)

Apr 1984

Garimo was born and educated in the Netherlands and the UK, and started her work in the field of humanistic psychology at Quaesitor Human Growth Center in London. She was a founder director of the Netherlands Gestalt Institute and of Center, the first human growth institute in the Netherlands.

During the Poona One and Ranch eras she was known as Prem Arup. In Pune One she was a senior administrator working with Vidya, and at the Ranch, she ran the Rajneesh International Meditation University (RIMU). She was one of the original members of the Inner Circle and is believed to still be a member as of 2020.

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  • Jul 9, 1981, arrival at Schipol airport

  • Jul 9, 1981, arrival at Schipol airport