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(Wendy Kress, Ed.D., fka Wendy Cutler Wyatt)

BA Skidmore College, Sociology; M.Ed. and Ed.D. Boston University, Adult Education; MM and D.Phil.M. RIMU, Pune, India, Meditation.

Founder and Director of the Boston University Leadership Consulting Service, The Associates for Human Resources, and The Osho Center for Consciousness in Organizations.

Karuna has been a faculty member at Antioch College, Keene, NH; Oblate College, MA; Cambridge College, Cambridge and Springfield, MA.

She was the Vice Chancellor of the Osho Multiversity, Pune, India and the Major of Antelope (The City of Rajneesh) during the Ranch times.

She has been interested in the depth of human potential and the process of learning since her Skidmore days, when she penned her senior sociology paper The Educational Value of Extracurricular Activities. In the 1960s, she started a nonprofit consulting organization and personal growth institute while working on her doctorate in adult education at Boston University. Then, while living in India in the ’70s, she became vice chancellor of Osho Multiversity.

In 2004 Karuna and three colleagues founded the New England Institute for Transforming Consciousness (NEITC), a master’s and doctoral degree program in consciousness and personal transformation.

NEITC opened its doors September 2004 and offered programs in work and livelihood, health and wellness, the helping professions, teaching and learning, ecology and science, and the arts. The format includes several short residencies a year, distance learning supported by a mentor, and internships; it culminates with a “consciousness project.”

Later she co-created the Transforming Tension program.

In May 2014 Roshani writes:

"... I had a long talk with Karuna on the phone. She has started to have some serious memory issues and is diagnosed with Alzheimers, although she still has many good days too. She is on a waiting list and preparing to move out of her big, historic, but lonely house to a care home in Brattleboro, Vermont within the next few months. Pashya has asked her if I can spread the word so that people who would like to send a card or letter or make a phone call could do that sooner rather than later. Karuna was so happy to hear my voice on the phone; I think she would love to hear from other sannyasins too. Karuna is no longer on the computer, but her mailing address and phone number are below."

Karuna, born Mar 20, 1939, left her body on May 11, 2018.

1972 : The Theory of Problem-solving Process Consultation and Measurement of Behavior Change Following Training (Boston University, 129 p)
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