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(Susanne "Suse" Atorf)


Born December 22, 1957 nearby Cologne/ Germany. At eight joined the children choire ... Jesus!... at 12 the choire of the adults in the protestant community. First band "Vintage", 1976 was followed up by Cologne Bands such as "Balanco" with Tathagat and Wilhelm Künsting; "Catalans Dreamband" with Jacky Horn, Dominik von Senger and Stefan Krachten; "Endstation Sehnsucht" with Uri Schneider and Chandira a.o.; "Dunkelziffer" a.o.

In 1989 toured with Miten, Tathagat, Satgyan, Swagato, Homen and friends in the "Ah This Band"; studio work at the "Humaniversity" in Holland 1987 - 1993. Back in Germany supported neofolk band "Traveling Microbus"; singing in the music department of the "Osho Commune International" in Pune/India in 1996-1998; biggest honor: playing tanbura with most beloved bansuri player "Hariprasad Chaurasia" 1998/99. Since 1989 singing and playing small percussion in the "Uta Band". International production with 25 musicians from around the world (CD "Magical Healing Mantras"/New Earth Records).The debut album "Lovetrust" was published in 1999.The second album "Fresh" was released in 2005.


Contact Details

Kamekestraße 14
50672 Köln
Fax: +49
Skype: raji.susanne.atorf
1993 : Songs For Various Occasions
1994 : Travel Guide
1994 : No Pasaräng! Fastilere Cetik Yok!
1995 : Semaphore '95
1995 : ...Komm Schnell
1998 : Endless Skies
1999 : Lovetrust
2000 : Magical Healing Mantras
2004 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 1
2004 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 2
2004 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 3
2005 : Fresh
2006 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 4
2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 5
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