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(R.L.Schlegel, BA, B Ed, Cambridge RSA CELTA)

1969 just before meeting Osho
Osho and Veena in Woodlands, Bombay, 1973
Osho, Veena, and Shyam in Woodlands, Bombay, 1973

The success of my first booklet, Meeting the Master, has encouraged me to continue writing, as it seems that many people are interested in my stories about the time I spent with Osho. ‘Meeting the Master’ was, as it says, a short account of how I came to meet Osho in 1971, before the world knew about him, and the change of direction that my life took as a result.

I have just finished a second book, A Seam for the Master, much longer this time, about the 12 years I spent as his tailor and hat-maker.

Being quite good with the English language, and having done a lot of teaching and editing through the years, I am offering my skills to anyone who needs to get something out to the public or prospective clients in good English e.g. a website, a brochure, an article or a book.

Those who know me might remember that I was one of Osho’s first editors and was involved in the publication of his books for 5 years in the early Poona days.

After Osho left his body I got some more qualifications and taught English as a foreign language for 13 years, specialising in the Cambridge Certificate Examinations.

I took some editing and proofreading courses to further hone my skills.

I am a writer myself. Beside being the author of the above books, I wrote numerous articles for the ‘Osho in UK’ website, for ‘Viha Connection’ and various other sannyasin publications.

Punya and a young Chinese friend, Yujie Zhao, both experienced translators, are working with me to offer translating services in English, Italian, French, German and Chinese.

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