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(Christine Baetscher)


I met Osho 1985 in the dream, when he told me to come to him, and he said, he would give me power.

It was not easy to get there, because I was on a wrong path, TM, which took all power away, and that was also the reason he came like that, mirroring the problem I had, I was not aware off. I was then most of time in India with Baba.
The dream I followed when the right time was there, after meeting a Sannyasin in India and finally understanding that I would never know what it meant, if I didn't get the experience, and it was a revelation.
I am an observer, I began long time ago to observe, and I met some great masters, as they came in my dream, and I followed that inside call, it was always a question of realization and learning. Often I cannot explain what it is, what was there inside, it gets clear in a process; here is nothing happening without process.

I write in my blog, what's on my mind at that present time, I don't allow anybody to tell me what is okay and what not.

Being free has become a challenge, also being a Sannyasin. And even more so when it is about therapy work, what makes the one be above and the other dependent on the therapy, and where we couldn't talk freely without being forced to pay for it, that didn't feel normal to me too.

I couldn't accept that difference. I learnt with Osho to get power back, not to give it away to some people who want to be therapists and know everything better than others. That is not how I understand Osho.

So it didn't take long, I felt also like a rebell, going against those people who think, they know everything, they have understood and they know how to teach others how to do it. I am a rebell, that is also my book, my life, my thoughts and my own freedom, and therefore, I am also a Sannyasin.

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My book is in German:

My blog, I usally write every day, whatever is on my mind, it is in English

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