Ma Sat Prabodhi

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(Hilary Stanton Zunin, Natalie Zunin)

1982, left, with Ma Prem Geeta
with Siddha

Prabodhi was born in 1951 in Port Chester NY. She held a number of positions in Rajneeshpuram, including city recorder, treasurer, and trustee of this and that. In 1985 she fled in middle of the night with her partner Sw Prem Siddha, apparently to distance herself from perfidies and shenanigans she was a witness to. In her new home in Napa CA, she taught English and was active in community volunteering. She left her body in Napa CA on Jan 14 2021.

Contact Details

Napa CA
1972 : Contact: The First Four Minutes
1992 : The Art of Condolence

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