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It's great to imagine this form of the commune continuing. Recently, Osho has made His presence quite noticeable in my life and work to the moment when I finally realize how to use the Human Design System chart to see one's built in life lesson.

Using the charts, it's clear that one can really see the lesson and therefore the meditation that is built into the chart.

For a number of years, I've been using Taoist master Hua-Ching Ni's Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, but I recently began using Ma Deva Padma's Zen I Ching that is part of her Tao Oracle.

This I Ching carries a very beautiful Osho darshan with it, and is completely useable as an I Ching for Human Design.

It is my wish to bring Human Design into one's sannyas and inner recognition with what it means to master oneself.


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