Ma Veet Nisha

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(Annemarie Staudinger)

Chidvilas, standing 4th from right
Chidvilas, front row 4th from left (blonde hair)

She was born in Stuttgart Feb 8, 1949 and died Jan 18, 2018.

After university she worked for the Metallurgy Basic Research at the Max-Planck-Institute followed by a decade with AT&T in the US.

Took Sannyas in the late 70ies and eventually was a resident at Chidvilas and the Ranch. Here sha was head of Sariputra (sheet metal department) and one of the supervisors in the Chuang Tzu construction department. After the second festival she drove heavy equipment.

After the Ranch she moved to San Diego and became a massage therapist.

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San Diego CA
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