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l-r: Sw Sukhraj Bharti, his wife, Sandeh
Sandeh 4th from left standing
Sandeh standing right
in later years

(Dr. Grazia Marchiano)

Sandeh hails from Rome and was one of Osho's first Western sannyasins. Osho's interview with her on 4 Mar 1971 provided the material for one of his early discourses, published as ch 3 of Dynamics of Meditation. Also around that time, Osho wrote her 45 letters that were published as What Is Meditation?.

Sandeh was appointed President of the European section of Neo-Sannyas International, whose goals and purpose are spelled out in the first issue of Sannyas magazine, in Jan-Feb 1972. Text in that presentation indicated that there were 1100 or so Indian sannyasins at that time and 29 from the rest of the world: 15 from USA, 13 from Europe and 1 from Japan.

Keerti reports that she went to see Khushwant Singh of Illustrated weekly of India, to introduce Osho to the media. He wrote an article about her called "Singing Senorita in Search of Truth", and later "wrote in his memoirs about his journey with her on a ship. This charming lady does get credit of introducing Osho to English media in India for the first time. And Khushwant Singh remained our friend throughout his life". (source email)

In later life she became an expert on comparative cultures east-and-west, teaching in the university of Siena-Arezzo, and wrote or collaborated in many books, mostly in Italian.

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