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(Blyth Gilmour aka Ma Yoga Bhakti)

Krishna Saraswati, Pratima and the ring
L to R: Sw Krishna Kabeer, Pratima, Sw Krishna Saraswati, Ma Ananda Prem, Sw Yoga Chinmaya, two unknowns, Ma Yoga Taru, another unknown, Ma Darshan, Ma Krishna Karuna; sitting with dark glasses is Himmat Bhai, with another unknown. (photo taken at the Palace Hotel (Bikaner House) in Mt. Abu)

Pratima was born Jun 11, 1932 in Long Island, New York. Her long spiritual journey led her first to a Catholic convent, then yoga, becoming director of a large yoga ashram until she realized that too was not fulfilling, then she met Sw Yoga Chinmaya, whose move into Osho's sannyas brought her likewise to Osho. She became in short order President of Neo-Sannyas International Foundation.

Osho married her in Mt Abu to Sw Krishna Saraswati. In the top photo on right, Osho is putting a ring on Krishna Saraswati’s finger with Pratima at his knee.

Later Pratima and Saraswati moved to the United States, and were on hand to greet Osho in Chidvilas when he arrived in 1981.

She left her body Jan 22, 2021.

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  • Sannyas magazine, 1972, Vol 1 No 3

    Sannyas magazine, 1972, Vol 1 No 3