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(Kranti Samaiya aka "Maunu")


Kranti was a first cousin of Osho. Osho was living with her and her brother Arvind in Jabalpur in the early 50s when he became enlightened; Kranti took care of him in the months leading up to that and again in the years after, while Arvind acted as his secretary. Osho wrote many letters to her over the years, often addressing her by a pet name, "Maunu". These letters have been published in several collections among others' letters; as well, she and her husband, Sw Krishna Kabeer, published a small collection in three languages, Osho's original handwritten Hindi with English and Gujarati translations.

She left her body Apr 23, 2006.

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  • Kranti left, standing; Arvind right, standing

  • Kranti middle, Geeta Jain right, at Jabalpur Agriculture University, 1967

  • unknown ma, Osho and Kranti (right) at Mt. Abu, Sep 1971