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The Dadu Gang building Rabiya Dairy Barn in the middle of Winter.
L to R :
Sw Niket (English Vet), Sw Deva (Raj?) (American plumber), Sw Kerry (Australian - dryland farmer for Dadu), Sw Ambara (Canadian - he sadly drowned on the Ranch), Sw Anand Saten, Sw Arpitam (Dadu from Nebraska), Nirmal (in hat), Sw Manshar (Australian - Dadu I think), Sw Gabriel (Gabby - Italian - plumber)

(Legal Name)

Canadian. Ran all the Rajneeshpuram farming operations (Dadu) together with Neehar. Dadu was a large department and included Surdas (truck farm), Rabiya (dairy barn), Atisha (chickens and geese, with emus from Australia to keep coyotes away, plus a vineyard), Paul Reps (greenhouse), Yari (greenhouse) and far-flung unnamed wheat fields and a "cow camp".

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