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Shobhana was born in 1938 in Indore. She got married at age 18 and had two sons by age 22. She laughingly declares that that ended her social responsibility.

When her beloved granny died, it set her on a path to find the meaning of life and Osho came into her life in 1967. She lives in Vadodara (Baroda).

Her website, which featured eleven letters from Osho in 1968 in English translation, is now closed. It can still be found archived at

Several of these letters plus a couple of others can be found in their original Hindi in the e-book version of Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka (ढ़ाई आखर प्रेम का).

In 2019, Ma Anand Savita published Dinner with Osho, "Intimate Tales of Two Women on the Path of Meditation", featuring extensive talks with Shobhana and Ma Anand Urmila.

Contact Details

Vadodara (Baroda)
Shobhana Ma - My life with Osho - Autumn 2014 in Gangadham, RIshikesh, India. Interview by Sw Dhyan Khayyam
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