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Osho began teaching in Mahakoshal Arts College in Mar 1958 and remained at this post until Aug 1966, though of course he was getting around India a lot during this time giving talks, satsangs and camps. Mahakoshal was one of twenty colleges affiliated with a newly accredited Jabalpur University. All this according to Neeten's Osho Source Book; lots more history of academia in Jabalpur is available there, in his Jabalpur section ("Part Two").

Where he lived at that time was a bit unclear. Neeten has him in a sort of rural slum in Bhaldarpura. Then, Neeten and Gyan Bhed have him moving to some other place connected with a person named Gupteshwar, but in a Letter written on 19 Jan 1960 to Deriya Ji, Osho indicates a return address of "Gupteshwar Marg" in Premnagar, a neighbourhood of Jabalpur. Gupteshwar Marg (or Road) is the main drag of Premnagar, so this indication shall be taken as the most authoritative.

Missing in this address is a number or house name to make the address more precise, but perhaps Osho made arrangements with the local postal people to get his mail delivered. Perhaps this is even how mail delivery worked in those days in many places. In any case, the letter to Deriya Ji is the only indication of an address we have from him before the Napier Town era.

Osho moved into Yogesh Bhavan, 115, Napier Town, sometime in mid-to-late 1960. This is the first letterhead we have from him with a personal address, and the first letter using it is dated 20 Sep. 1960, written to Gulab Bhai Soni. All other known letters on this letterhead were written to Ma Anandmayee. Many more letterheads were to come before he left Yogesh Bhavan.

The letterhead is a simple one, even crude. In the upper left corner, we have, in Devanagari:

Darshan Vibhag (Philosophy Department)
Mahakoshal Mahavidhalay (college or university)

And in the upper right corner:

nivas (home):
115, Yogesh Bhavan, Napiertown
Jabalpur (M. P.)

A close look at the letterhead, or a survey of all the letters using it, shows that the 115 is actually not part of the printed, prepared letterhead, but inserted by hand. And it doesn't really work well like that, because it should go after Yogesh Bhavan and before Napiertown, but there's not enough room. Osho soon gave up on inserting the 115 and eventually got some new letterhead.

But not before many letters were written using it. These letters are listed below, with all but the first written to Ma Anandmayee:

Letter written on 20 Sep 1960, to Gulab Bhai Soni
Letter written on 5 Oct 1960
Letter written on 22 Nov 1960
Letter written on Nov 1960 (undated, date est 23-24 Nov)
Letter written on 29 Nov 1960
Letter written on Dec 1960 (undated, date est 16-26 Dec)
Letter written on 8 Dec 1960
Letter written on 15 Dec 1960 pm
Letter written on 27 Dec 1960
Letter written on 4 Jan 1961
Letter written on 10 Jan 1961
Letter written on 18 Jan 1961 xm
Letter written on 26 Jan 1961
Letter written on 30 Jan 1961 om
Letter written on 7 Feb 1961 xm
Letter written on 12 Feb 1961
Letter written on 1 Mar 1961 am
Letter written on 8 Mar 1961 am
Letter written on 16 Mar 1961 pm, 2 sheets, both Mahakoshal-1
Letter written on 26 Mar 1961 pm, 2 sheets, both Mahakoshal-1
Undated Letter written to Anandmayee 007 (undated, date est Apr 1961)