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As noted at Mahakoshal-1 Letterhead, that letterhead had a fatal design problem that meant the days of its use were numbered. Mahakoshal-2 letterhead corrected that flaw but, perhaps mysteriously, only ever got used for five letters, and those sporadically while Osho used a new NapierTown-1 Letterhead, a simple name-and-address affair, much more frequently. Plus a few others sporadically. These five letters run from 4 Nov 1961 to 5 Sep 1962.

There is one more Mahakoshal letterhead that came after this one, Mahakoshal-3 Letterhead, and as it happens, it got used a lot more than this one. The possible reasons for that are examined there.

Mahakoshal-2 Letterhead is fairly similar to the first one. Besides the address repair, an "Acharya" is added to Osho's name, so, in the upper left corner, we have, in Devanagari:

Acharya Rajneesh
Darshan Vibhag (Philosophy Department)
Mahakoshal Mahavidhalay (college or university)

And in the upper right corner:

nivas (home):
115, Napier Town,
Jabalpur (Madhyapradesh)

The five letters using this letterhead were all written to Ma Anandmayee:

Letter written on 4 Nov 1961
Letter written on 7 Nov 1961 pm
Letter written on 13 Dec 1961
Letter written on 1 Feb 1962 pm
Letter written on 5 Sep 1962 pm