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(Hauke Messerschmidt)


After a common life and business career, Mahamudra turned towards Osho and her spiritual path. Her first Osho Meditations Center was in Wales/ UK. Whether being a mother, friend, counsellor or spiritual teacher: she always lived intensely, always open for the new, refreshing, unpredictable, an optimistic contemporary with deep spiritual roots.

She was founder and head of the Osho Manjusha, Schmiedeberg, a well known Meditation Center in Est Germany near Dresden and lived for meditation, truth, love and compassion.

Her visionary spirit, clear consciousness and her deep understanding of the human soul have touched many people inside. With caring creativity she accompanied the development of spiritual work, healing and transformation of the Center and all its other daily and business matters.

Her belief in life made many of us feel at home, in her love people could open up and allow themselves to be touched deeply inside. Even painful things could be said and were accepted. Healing could happen.

In her buddha-field life reaches a new intensity in a flowing transformation process. Mahamudra´s presence was the reason why many people decide to take up their personal journey with Osho.

On 17th May, 2006, Mahamudra left her body. Since then the commune is in an constant flux and change. Unchanging seems to be the energy and special atmosphere, felt even by those who never met Osho or Mahamudra. Sitting in the meditation hall is something unique and it´s easy to feel at home just by oneself. Spiritual healing is happening at this place, open for everyone.

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Mahamudra on the Osho Manjusha homepage (english)
Mahamudra auf der Osho Manjusha homepage (german)
Osho Manjusha (german information page)
Osho Manjusha New Dawn in Dresden
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online audio-clip
Mahamudra: Heilung (german language)
more german audio-clips

online video-clip
Mahamudra with her great sense of humour during a discourse in Osho Manjusha New Dawn Meditation Center