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big toys for big boys

(Lest the caption for the image give the impression that only men worked these big machines, it was not so. Women got to play with them too. See also Women in charge.)

Mahavira was the heavy equipment temple in the Ranch. It was located on Zarathustra Road. About the name, Anando writes in Osho News that "Mahavira, a contemporary of Buddha, had preached extreme non-violence. He walked naked and barefoot through all the seasons and wore a mask to breathe through in order to avoid killing microbes in the air. In comparison with him vegans are mass murderers". Punya writes in Osho News that Mahavira was "a very gentle saint from the Jain tradition, so gentle that he used to sleep only on one side, concerned he would kill any ants if he rolled over".

Both are suggesting that the name Mahavira for this temple was somewhat ironic, rather like that of Chiyono. How it actually all fit with the Ranch work-temple Mahavira is not yet known. Do you have some info or stories to share about Mahavira? Contribute! <== (how to)

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