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मैं मृत्यु सिखाता हूं ~ 11

event type discourse
date & time 2 Aug 1970 pm
location Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 40min. Quality: good (under revision).
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle NOW204
(Translated as in And Now, And Here, Vol 2 on CD-ROM)
Question 1
At the Dwarka meditation camp you mentioned that all sadhanas, all spiritual disciplines are false, because we have never been separate from God. Does that mean the state of unconsciousness is false? Is the growth of body and mind false? Is the cessation of conditioning false? Is the achievement of moving from the gross to the subtle false? Is all the preparation for the journey from the first body to the seventh body false? Is the long process of the discipline of kundalini all a sham? Kindly explain.
Question 2
Is sadhana a natural growth, or is it a jump outside the evolutionary process of nature? If sadhana is not a jump and transcendence of the natural evolution, then is it possible that the entire human race can reach spiritual heights all by itself? If it is true that the course of evolution continues to move ahead, why were the greatest spiritual cultures of the past left behind in the whole evolutionary process?

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