Manuscripts ~ Taran-Taaran Patrika (तरन तारन पत्रिका)

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Taran Taran Magazine

6 photocopies of the magazine pages.
These have never been published. We have designated that writing as event Taran-Taaran Patrika ~ 01.
These photocopies have kindly been shared by Osho's brother Sw Niklank Bharti. Osho started going to school in Jul 1940 and Osho was 10 years old when he wrote this first edition.
Pages 10-11 (handwritten page numbers) are missing.
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sheet no original photo Hindi transcript
1 Taran img264.jpg coming soon ....
2 Taran img265.jpg
3 Taran img266A.jpg Taran img266.jpg
4 Taran img267.jpg
- (missing pages 10-11)
5 Taran img268.jpg
6 Taran img270.jpg