Maro He Jogi Maro ~ 03

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मरौ हे जोगी मरौ ~ 03

event type discourse
date & time 3 Oct 1978 am
location Buddha Hall, Poona
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 50min. Quality: good.
Hindi chant before the discourse.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle DEATH03
CD-ROM on this book: "Translation of "Maram Hey Yogi Maram" Hindi series. This is a translation from the Hindi Maran Hey Jogi Maram, which is in the process of being edited. It is for research only."
Editor: Death Is Divine was the CD-ROM working title. Book much later published as Die O Yogi Die.
(Translated as in Death Is Divine on CD-ROM)
The sutras
Don't speak too eagerly, don't walk with a strut, place your feet with care.
Gorakh raja says, Don't be stiff, live spontaneously.
The full pot is silent, the half full sounding splashes
When the seeker is ready, o avadhut, the master speaks fruitfully.
Nath says, Keep your dignity, don't insist on debate.
This world is a garden of thorns, place each step alertly.
Moving without path, burning without fire, bound by a thirst for air,
Well knowing Gorakh says, Figure this out o learned pundits.
Swami, going to the forest hunger arises, going to the city maya arises.
Stuffing yourself, sexual desire arises, why waste this body born of passion?
Don't attack your food, don't die of hunger, contemplate the secret of Brahman day and night
Don't overwork, don't lie around, thus says Gorakh deva
Over eating strengthens the senses, destroys consciousness, fills the mind with sex.
Sleep overtakes, death closes in the heart entangled.
The milk dieter monk's mind on others' cows, the naked monks always need firewood.
The monk in silence desires a companion -- no depth without the master's shelter.
His fragrance and sweetness pervade the whole world.
The truth is, only a master who has seen, can help you see.
Listen virtuous one, listen intelligent one, to this call of numberless siddhas.
In the disciple's bowing, the master is found, and the worldly night is over.
Die, oh yogi, die! Die, sweet is dying.
Die that death Gorakh died and saw.

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