May the Blessings of God Rest upon You

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Traditional Sufi song
Lyrics and direction
May the blessings                Face partner – eye contact prayer mudra

of God* rest upon you            Raise hands above head then downside palms up

May (his) peace abide in you     Touching partner’s hands, raise hands together above head to the side

May Love’s presence              Guide partner’s right hand to your heart with your left hand

illuminate your heart

Now                              Return to prayer position

and forever more                 Advance head lowered to new partner

* "God" = Love, Life, Jah, etc.

Source: Aneeta's Sufi Dancing in Poona, nr 37.
Lyrics and melody notation
May the blessings of God rest upon you     a b c a a d c b c a
May his peace abide in you                 d f g g f d c
May his spirit illuminate your heart       d f g g g g f d c d
Now and forever more                       c a a a g a

Source: Ma Anand Para. See: Notes on melody notation.

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The song May the Blessings of God Rest upon You is at 4:10.