Meditation - The Art of Ecstasy (1996)

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"This Norwegian production was very well received when shown at prime time at Norway's national television. It is a documentary film about the mystic Osho and his vision of living totally, which can he called a synthesis of the material world and the spiritual, the outer and the inner. In the film we meet people who have made meditation into a lifestyle, and we discover how successful sports and business people are using Osho's methods to enhance their performance.
It shows how people from all over the world meet at the world's largest meditation resort, to learn how they can actualize their own potential.
The American best-selling writer, Tom Robbins, and leading media commentators give fascinating insights into why Osho's meditations have become so attractive to the contemporary man."
Opening storyboard:
The vision of the controversial Indian-born mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - "Osho" - lives on at his meditation resort in Poona, India.
6 years after the death of this former philosophy professor, more people than ever are gong there to taste his vision of living meditatively.
Interviews with Deva Sarito, Writer, USA; Mikael Reuterswärd, Mountain Climber, Sweden; Roger Nilson M.D., Whitbread Skipper, Sweden; Bettina Röhl, journalist, Spiegel-TV, Germany; Aroon Purie, Editor, India Today; Samvado, Professor, USA; Tom Robbins, Best-selling Author, USA; Waduda Paradiso, Music Label Director, Italy; Krishna Prem, Zen Tennis Instructor, USA; Khushwant Singh, Media Commentator, India; Yogendra O'Byrne, Lawyer and Tai Chi master, Canada; Barbara Rütting, Acress, Germany; Sw Atiharsha, Ex-Police Commissioner, Germany; Maneesha, Midwife, Australia.
47 min


Music: Eurythmics "There Must Be an Angel" ; Ashik "'Dancing Lightly"
Dance: Amiyo Dancing Company
Camera: Normand Cornut, Sw Anand Premlok, Niket D.l Sherer, Shailesh Bhagat Maharaj
Camera - Southern Sea: Roger Nilson
Camera - Mount Everest: Mikael Reuterswärd
Production: insearch video ©1996

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