Meditation Today (1999)

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Meditation Today1.jpg
Lisbeth Pettersen
John Andrews in New York
Nadabrahma Meditation
This two-part DVD is an introduction to meditation. Part One (The Science of the Inner) is about how meditation works and is impact on the mind. It deals with cultural conditioning and explains why meditation is useful from a medical point-of-view and how it can influence your life in practical terms. It has an extensive interview with John Andrews in the location of Osho International in New York.
Part Two (Let's Get Started) is a "how-to" guide to Kundalini Meditation and Nadabrahma Meditation.
52 min


Meditation Today, Part One: The Science of the Inner
Camera crew: Lisbeth Pettersen, Nilam Kishimoto, Casper Evensen, Ninja Pettersen, Shunya Rao, Tina Peterson, Svein Krovel, Lars Nilsen, Agneta Palskog, Jay Lennon, Inger Lise Pettersen
Additional Footage: Rikskonsertene, Oslo, Norway
Centering exercises and dance: Osho School for Centering and Zen Martial arts; Amiyo's Dancing Company
Music: From the CD, "Meditations of Osho, Dynamic" by Tao Music, cortesey of New Earth Records, Munich, Germany; "5th Obligatory" by Devakant, H??? Divine Music, Tokyo, Japan
Editing & Graphics: Casper Evensen, Jan-Martin Vagen, Helge Hummervoll; Lysverket slb as, Oslo, Norway
Produced by ©Insearch Video
Directed by Lisbeth Pettersen
Meditation Today, Part Two: Let's Get Started
Instructor: Charlotte Gauthier
Written and Directed: jane Roberts & Lisbeth Pettersen
Camera: Shy Ron, Marc Grabsy, Nilam Kishimoto, Lisbeth Pettersen, Gyam Amin, Frank Kardell
Online Editor: Albert Ribas
Lighting: Divy
Technical Director: Ajit Deshpande
Music: Osho Kundaline and Osho Nadabrahma Meditation with permission of New Earth Records. For CD order details check
A special thanks to Osho Commune meditation Resort, pune, India, for providing locations
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