Meera - Painting for a New Man (1995)

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subtitle: A Portrait of a Vision
The film shows the title as "Painting for a New Man", but the DVD and cover say "Painting for the New Man"
A film about the work of artist Ma Anand Meera in the context of the Osho Commune in Pune, the process of her work and the painting groups that she facilitates.
Meera talks about her painting, dancing and meditation, and her relation with her master.
Creativity not through suffering, but out of meditation.
Celebrating in abundance, by and by you come to meet your unique expression.
We all have known this space when we were small children.
Meditation will help you to remember this forgotten language.
This new way of art is Osho's gift to me.
He has helped me to understand myself as a disciple of the whole of existence.
Out of this disciplehood arises my own mastery, my freedom


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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,090



Meera - ReAwakening of Art (2008) ; DVD Cover.jpg - Meera - ReAwakening of Art (2008) ; DVD2 Painting for a New Man.jpg
The DVD box has two DVDs:
ReAwakening of Art
Painting for the New Man
dedicated to OSHO
copyright © 2008
"Meera's paintings are an expression of joy and innocence." Osho

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