Meera - ReAwakening of Art (2008)

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subtitle: Paintings 1973 - 2007
A film about the work of artist Ma Anand Meera, her early work before 1973, and after that in the context of her master Osho and the Commune in Pune.
Not only does it show her works of art, but also Meera's energy and process of making it.
And the film itself has found a form to show it. Magnificent.


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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,091



Meera - ReAwakening of Art (2008) ; DVD Cover.jpg - Meera - ReAwakening of Art (2008) ; DVD1.jpg
The DVD box has two DVDs:
ReAwakening of Art
Painting for the New Man
dedicated to OSHO
copyright © 2008
"Meera's paintings are an expression of joy and innocence." Osho

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