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This book was published more or less instantly after Meera's death in Feb 2017 by her collaborator / editor Sw Anand Subhuti, who writes: "As soon as I heard about her accident, I immediately realized it had to be shared with everyone – freely and joyfully, in the same spirit as Meera gave herself. It could not remain on the hard drive of my computer for a moment longer.
"The title Meera Now also came to me instantly. This book is not about the past. It’s about a colourful vision of life – a life that is always to be lived now, in the present moment, by those who, like Meera herself, have learned how to celebrate this beautiful existence."
Meera Hashimoto (Ma Anand Meera)
Book has been made available as a free download on Osho News. Link for that can be found in Subhuti's account of his get-togethers with Meera and the book-writing process.


Meera Now

a small book containing a big vision

Year of publication : 2017
Publisher : Osho News
Number of pages :
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : E
Edition notes : author as: Meera Hashimoto