Mera Swarnim Bharat (मेरा स्वर्णिम भारत)

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Title translates as "My Golden India", and this compilation fulfills much the same purpose as India My Love does in English, ie singing the praises of India as the center of the seeker's universe, and not necessarily as a geographical entity. But it is not all "positive", being rather like a portrait of a beloved eccentric uncle, with all his foibles lovingly appreciated.
This book also has different sources from Bharat Ek Sanatan Yatra (भारत एक सनातन यात्रा), a similarly themed book. All the chapters are said to consist of single long excerpts, in some cases whole discourses, from mainly Q&A books in late Pune One. The "first appendix" is a translation of the first question of The Osho Upanishad, ch 21 and the "second appendix" is an article about Osho written by Rajendra Anuragi, a poet and Osho's childhood friend.
See discussion for more on the chapters and sources.
Later published as five separate books:
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
many sources, 1979-1981**, + Sep 8 1986 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
40, + two "appendices"


Mera Swarnim Bharat (मेरा स्वर्णिम भारत)

जो कभी सब था और अब सपना भी नहीं

Year of publication : Apr 1989
Publisher : Tao Publishing Pvt Ltd
ISBN : none
Number of pages : 544
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : editing: Sw Dayal Bharti
compilation: Sw Rajesh Bharti, Ma Prem Kalpana
co-ordination: Sw Yoga Amit
cover design: Sw Chaitanya Bharti, Sw Prem Prasad
phototypesetting: Sw Prem Rajendra, Sw Prem Asang      
printing: Studio Ritam, Lower Parel, Bombay
publisher: Tao Publishing Pvt Ltd, 50 Koregaon Park, Poona
copyright: Tao Publishing Pvt Ltd, Poona
[some words re all rights reserved, click on image right]
First Edition
April 1989
3000 copies