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Sw Shailendra Saraswati has kindly shared the live track.

Ma Amrit Sadhana

मेरे हमदम Mere Hamdam my heart

मेरे हमदम, मेरे दोस्त, मेरे साथी, मेरे मीत,

मेरे हमसफर, मेरे गीत, ओशो...!

Mere Hamdam, Mere Dost, Mere Sathi, Mere Meet,

Mere Hamsafar, Mere Geet, OSHO...!

my heart, my friend, my companion, my friend,

my fellow traveler, my song OSHO...!

A note from Sw Shailendra Saraswati about this song.

Osho used these words in a discourse, on 1st January 1989 pm. in Gautam the Buddha Auditorium to address the audience. On this historical day he explained their meanings.
No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity chapter #7: The World of the Gurus Has Ended. Osho begins this talk:
My Friends and my Fellow Travelers,
I would have loved to use the Urdu words for the same, because they have a depth and a poetry... even the very sound of them rings bells in the heart. The ordinary meaning is the same: my friends, my fellow travelers. But I have a very insistent feeling within me to give you the most pregnant words. Those words are:
MERE HAMSAFAR means "my fellow travelers." MERE HAMDAM means "my heart." MERE DOST means "my friend." But such a vast difference....
English has become more and more prose and less and less poetry, for the simple reason that it has been serving scientific and objective technological progress. It has to be definite, it cannot be poetic.
You cannot write mathematics into poetry; neither physics, nor chemistry. Because of this predominant factor of science and technology, English has lost its glamor, its splendor, its music. It has to gain it back, because the objective side of life is not enough. Unless your heart is moved, the words are not very much pregnant with meaning and significance.
Later on a musical tune was created using these Urdu words.

1989-04-09 Songs

Ma Amrit Priya
1989-04-09 pm, at Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune (Poona).
Sung and recorded live after discourse The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself #10, Osho's Last but one Talk!
This track has been captured from the discourse-video. The regular discourse-audio has even more of the singing, 10 minutes.

Audio - full length

02 4:44 - - (OMA Catalog No : 371.02)