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still 00m 06s.
This film is a recording of one of the regular "Music Group", which happened every night in Buddha Hall, around 1979 - 1980. (More precise from/to dates needed.)
Date of the recording is uncertain: a YouTube offering states to be from 1979; the film was released in 1980.
If you want to taste something of the energy of Poona 1, look at this film.
Main musician and singer is Sw Prem Anubhava.
The recording shows four songs: Let the Sun Shine In , Into Your Hands , You're a Fountain of Love, Hallelujah and This is the Journey to the Heart, no doubt many more were played that evening.
20min 53sec


(c) 1980 Rajneesh Foundation

Recorded live in Buddha Hall
Rajneesh Foundation, Poona, India

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,140
(OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,066 = YouTube footage.)


(Only part, first 8 minutes of footage missing.)



Info about this video:
Link: JZSjajipaII
This is only part of the film, first 8 minutes of footage missing.
Title: Pune 1979 with Anubhava-music
Published: May 14, 2013, 10,192 views (on 2020-03-08)
Publisher: zoraom, 5.21K subscribers
(Lyrics are given, but incorrect. For lyrics see the two song-pages mentioned above.)
(Previous YouTube publication cD-oVMIotyE now stated as private.)
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