Mystics of the East

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The East has been for centuries – or perhaps forever – the holy, the sacred source of life. Not only the sun rises in the East, a Gautam Buddha also rises in the East. The East has produced thousands of mystics. In comparison, the West is very poor.
Just as the West has created great scientists, the East has produced great explorers of one’s own being. Still, in its most degraded state, in its darkest era, the East attracts the seeker – almost like a magnet. Those who want to seek the truth, those who want to know themselves, suddenly feel an attraction towards the East.
Osho speaks on a variety of masters from the East, from the Baul Mystics to Bodhidharma, Chuang Tzu to Patanjali, a sumptuous feast.
Much of the material in this book is said to be from early discourses, hence authorship is attributed by some booksellers to Osho and Acharya Rajneesh. Another "dual" feature is the collaboration of Niyogi Books and Osho World Foundation as joint publishers.
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Mystics of the East

Atisha; Baul Mystics; Bodhidharma; Gautama the Buddha; Chuang Tzu; Kabir; Lao Tzu; Mahakashyap; Nansen; Patanjali; Tilopa

Year of publication : 2013
Publisher : Niyogi Books
ISBN 9789381523544 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 254
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :