Nahin Ram Bin Thanv ~ 04

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नहिं राम बिन ठांव ~ 04

event type discourse
date & time 28 May 1974 pm
location Lao Tzu balcony, Poona
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 13min. Quality: good.
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video Not available
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shorttitle NOWHER04
(Translated as in Nowhere to Go but In on CD-ROM)
Question 1
Beloved Osho, Gautam Buddha became enlightened sitting under a tree. You said about Socrates that he was standing under a tree at the moment of his enlightenment, and a similar story is told of Krishnamurti. You yourself left your house and went under a tree on the night of your enlightenment. Are trees connected in some esoteric way with the happening of the happening of enlightenment? Could you also explain that if enlightenment is a sudden happening, how did you come to receive the intimation of enlightenment that prompted you to leave your house and go and sit under a tree?
Question 2
Beloved Osho, there is a sannyasin of yours who is my friend. He has been in your divine satsang for many years. The other day, in the course of conversation, he said to me, "I have not yet learned even the first lesson given by Osho!"
I said to myself, "This man is telling my own story!" Is this a symptom of our foolishness? Or is this kind of learning very hard? Or is it that in reality we don't want to learn the lesson?

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