Name-paper Amrit Bodhidharma 1971

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Name-paper 1971-Abu-Punglia.jpg

Letterhead is from Woodlands after Osho changed his name from Acharya Rajneesh to Bhagwan. It reads:

bhagwan shree rajneesh (in stylized lower-case Roman letters made to resemble Devanagari script)
A-1 WOODLAND PEDDAR ROAD BOMBAY 26 PHONE 382184 (in Roman all-caps)

The logo in the upper right corner appears to be a stylized Om ().
It is signed during the camp at Mt Abu, 25 Sep - 2 Oct 1971. See discussion for an exploration of how the date has been determined.
This is the name-paper of Sadhu Amrita Bodhidharma, who later became Sw Amrit Bodhidharma but whom Osho always called by his old name, Punglia ji.