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Osho lived in Yogesh Bhavan, 115, Napier Town in Jabalpur, for some eight years, leaving sometime in mid-1968. He went through many letterheads during this time, almost all showing this address but most also emphasizing other features besides the plain address, so they have been put in different categories. There were the Mahakoshal group (example), featuring his teaching position at Mahakoshal Arts College, the group introducing his org Jeevan Jagriti Kendra (example), and so on.

In all there were five "pure" Napier Town letterheads, with only his name and address for information content. This was the fifth and last. Its two new features are Osho's name in image form, two finely etched/carved stamps (woodcuts?, engravings?), and the first-ever appearance of a Jeevan Jagriti Kendra logo, a candle flame inside a series of nine circles, all touching at the bottom.

See the main Letterheads page for all his letterheads, and a discussion of their features.

Text in this letterhead runs up the left side: "115, NAPIER TOWN : JABALPUR (M.P.)" all caps. The stamped images of ACHARYA and RAJNISH are in the top left corner, with the JJK logo in the bottom left, both taking a fair amount of space.

The wiki has images of only six letters that used this letterhead; recipient and publication info are noted where applicable:

Letter written on 25 Jul 1967 (Geeta), to Ma Yoga Geeta
Letter written on 25 Jul 1967 (Sohan), to Ma Yoga Sohan
Letter written on 6 Aug 1967, to Sw Narottam Bharti
Letter written on 14 Oct 1967, to Ma Yoga Sohan
Letter written on 6 Mar 1968, to Sw Yoga Manik
Letter written on 11 Jul 1968, to "Beatles"

Considering all the creativity invested in this letterhead, there are likely many more letters out there which used it. So send in those images!