Naya Manushya: Bhavishya Ki Ekmatra Asha (नया मनुष्य : भविष्य की एकमात्र आशा)

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In no other language of the world is there a word like manushya for man. The meaning of the word for man in Arabic and the lan­guages born out of Arabic, in Hebrew and the languages born out of Hebrew, is “an effigy of mud.” Aadmi [Hindi] means “an effigy of mud”; man means “an effigy of mud.” Only in the word manushya is there the recognition that you are not an effigy of mud. You are conscious­ness; your nature is immortality. Within you is the ultimate flame of life. The lamp can be made of mud but the flame cannot. This body might be made of mud, but the one who is awake within it, is conscious within it, is not. When the whole world became busy in the pursuit of mud, a handful of people remained absorbed in the search for this flame. ~ Osho, from The Diamond Sword
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English: The New Man: The Only Hope for the Future
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Naya Manushya Bhavishya Ki Ekmatra Asha 1987 cover.jpg

Naya Manushya: Bhavishya Ki Ekmatra Asha (नया मनुष्य : भविष्य की एकमात्र आशा)

Year of publication : Dec 1987
Publisher : Rajneeshdham Prakashan, Poona
ISBN : none
Number of pages : 113
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :