Never Born, Never Died (1992)

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Never Born Never Died1.jpg
Ma Prem Yuthika, Sw Anand Subhuti and Ma Deva Sarito at work in the press office

"A film about the guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his commune in Pune." (Gizmo Films)

Pictures of the thriving Commune and interviews with Sw Prem Amrito, Ma Yoga Neelam, Ma Anand Disha and others. Mainly about Osho's leaving the body. So clearly the film is from after January 1990.
Opening storyboard:
On 19 January 1990 the Indian Guru 'Osho', previously known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, died, or, as his followers put it he 'left his body'.
How are his followers coping without him?
1992 (from the ©. Strangely, the website of Gizmo says 1989)
26 min


Never Born Neverd Died
Camera: Vivek Apte
Sound: Vijay Wale
Editor: Neil Roberts at CCL Television
Produced and directet by Bob Mullan
A Gizmo Films Production for Channel Four
©Channel Four Television Co. Ltd 1992

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