Night Ecstasy

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Sw Deva Madhuro
Walking down the path of nothingness
Watching the thoughts go by
When the night sky surrounds me
A sweet ecstasy is taking me inside
Glimpses of happiness
My heart is flying away
The night sky surrounds me
I never thought I could feel so wide
And the stars are falling in silence

From the album Sweet Emptiness.
Lyrics and chords

Night Ecstasy - Chords Madhuro.jpg

Source: Sw Deva Madhuro, March 14, 2014.

Sweet Emptiness

Sw Deva Madhuro: Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar, Keyboard pads, Drum programming
Bree vande Zuidwing: Female vocals
Anand Rasada: Electric guitar
David Gordon: Bass guitar
Adrian Kelly: Flugelhorn
2000 by Anand Rasada, Fremantle, Perth, Australia; Mixed by Anand Rasada and Don Morrison; Digital mastering by Lee Buddle


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