Novelty-2 Letterhead

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There are five known letterheads in the class of letterheads we are calling Novelty (links below), not counting the notorious Rorschach-1 Letterhead. What they have in common consists of a lack of verbal information of any kind. They are all design.

This one's uniqueness consists of its design being not even image-based -- there is no overt image whatsoever -- but solely in the cut of the paper. The top edge is cut to evoke -- what? A range of tree-covered hills, a crown ... perhaps another case of Rorschach, in a small way.

This possibility is compounded by the presence of an embossed image-like mark nestled under the second full peak from the left. It appears to be in the general shape of a seashell or a coat of arms, but again, there are infinite Rorschachian or cultural possibilities. It has five lobes on top which fit well with the pointed lobes of the peak it is under. More input and/or suggestions about this letterhead's design features welcome, either directly in the talk page or via the editor (contact info in the talk page).

Only two letters are known to have been written on this letterhead:

Letter written on 6 Aug 1967 (2), to Pratap J. Toliya
Letter written on 11 Oct 1969, to Ma Dharm Jyoti

Other letterheads in this class have also been used only sparingly, and in the same five-month period in 1969:

Novelty-1 Letterhead (two letters in Jun)
Novelty-3 Letterhead (one letter later in Oct, also to Jyoti)
Novelty-4 Letterhead (one letter in Jun)
Novelty-5 Letterhead (one letter to Toliya on Jyoti's date above in Oct)