Novelty-3 Letterhead

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There are four known letterheads in the class of letterheads we are calling Novelty (links below), not counting the notorious Rorschach-1 Letterhead. What they have in common is a lack of verbal information of any kind. They are all design.

This one is pretty simple and ordinary, having a single handmade woodcut image of a flower in a square frame, stamped onto a rich, handmade paper with lots of fiber-texture but no apparent other features such as watermarks or embossed whatnot.

Only one letter is known to have been written on this letterhead, to Ma Dharm Jyoti:

Letter written on 20 Oct 1969

Other letterheads in this class have also been used only sparingly, and in the same four-month period in 1969:

Novelty-1 Letterhead (two letters in Jun)
Novelty-2 Letterhead (one letter earlier in Oct, also to Jyoti)
Novelty-4 Letterhead (one letter in Jun)