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There are dozens of meditations that Osho has devised. These meditations are conducted every day in Osho meditation centres around the world.

Osho's meditations are often incorrectly referred to as "OSHO Meditations." In fact, there are no meditations by that name - ie one of Osho's best known meditations is the Dynamic Meditation. On the other hand, Osho Dynamic Meditation is a music album by Sw Chaitanya Hari.

The word "OSHO" is either applied for or registered as a trademark by Osho International Foundation, Switzerland (OIF) in many countries.

The OIF website makes it quite clear : " OSHO is not a name in the public domain but is a protected trademark. "

Thus calling any of Osho's meditations an "OSHO Meditation" constitutes a reference to a trademark in combination with the word "Meditation" and the use of this expression is prohibited without permission by OIF.

Wherever possible, OIF has replaced Osho's name with the OIF trademark OSHO; i.e. Osho's Dynamic Meditation was renamed to "OSHO Dynamic Meditation" in order to control the use of the name "Dynamic Meditation" which was a trademark which OIF lost in a landmark court case in 2009 (see Trademarks and copyright).

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