Orange Connection (1981)

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Contact workshop with Ma Prem Turiya
A description by Osho Film Festival :
The large Sannyas Festival in November 1981 in ICC Berlin
Just in the middle of the time after Osho left his Ashram in Poona and before the new Ranch in Oregon was established, almost 3000 Sannyasin met from 23th to the 29th November 1981 in the International Congress Centre ICC in Berlin for a huge festival.
Almost everybody who had a name in the Sannyas movement at the time came here from all around the world to offer groups and workshops.
The meetings filmed during the entire festivals amount to many hours.
Some meetings are presented here:
- Energy Darshan with Teertha and Arup
- Sufi-Dance with Aneeta and Anubhava
- Rajneesh-Tarot with Prembodhi
- Structural Encounter with Veeresh
- Energy-Happening with Somendra
- Kontact workshop with Ma Prem Turiya
- Meeting with Ma Yoga Sudha
Beside these events there were also a few interviews being given by Sannyas therapists who were famous at that time:
- Seminar with Ma Anand Poonam
- Interview with Teertha: Only a commune works.
- Teerha is sitting in an arm chair, pretends to be the successor of Osho and can hardly talk because of his mildness and beyondness.
- Interview with Somendra.
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