Osho's Arrest (1985)

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Hasya, Osho, Vivek walking to the Rajneeshpuram auditorium, 30 Sep 1985 pm
Osho, interview in Mecklenburg County Jail jail
ABC news
Osho, interview in Mecklenburg County Jail jail
Osho on transport
ABC Channel Two News
Osho's Arrest 08.jpg
Courtroom drawing of Vivek and Osho
T-shirt "We Bhagged the Bhagwan" on a newsflash
Osho on transport
Sw Devageet as David Geet on an interview
A DVD with assorted news-clips and discourse-clips. Source of this is unclear, may have been compiled by Chidvilas.
Starts with the intro of Zen The Diamond Thunderbolt ~ 03, Osho entering and namaste, unclear how this is related.
Next, the full interview with Ted Koppel, Nightline, ABC-TV via a phone line: The Last Testament (Vol 3) ~ 09. Unique, as this footage has much more of Osho walking from his car to the auditorium and back afterwards, discussing with Ma Prem Hasya and Ma Yoga Vivek.
The main part is a series of many flashes by US news outlets, about Osho in jail, being transported by plane, etc.
main parts 1985
1h 5min

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