OshoWorld - A New Man A New Humanity (film)

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OshoWorld - A New Man A New Humanity (film) ; still 00min 07sec.jpg
A film from oshoworld.com, with unique footage of photo-shoots and other intimate moments around Osho.
Editor: the title seems unrelated to the content, it's just footage of Osho and the people around him. Also, the introductory text seems unrelated.
unknown, possibly nineties


oshoworld.com (as a watermark)

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,124

stills gallery

  • still 01min 56sec.

  • still 03min 26sec.

  • still 03min 33sec.

  • still 06min 52sec.

  • still 07min 02sec.

  • still 07min 05sec.

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  • still 07min 22sec.

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  • still 07min 33sec.

  • still 07min 56sec.

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  • still 16min 43sec.