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Beloved Osho Sannyasins,

The project to save and preserve the film BHAGWAN (Robert Hillmann, 1978, 48:24) we started in 1995 has arrived in the 21st century. You can now see this film on Google.

[ hmmm, looks like the film has been removed from the net again.... (wiki editors) ]

We found the film's video in our cellar in Munich, Germany. This film was originaly on 16mm and was shown in movie theaters. We got it transferred on to VHS/PAL video tape in 1980, to be able to show it on TV in our center in Munich. The Anubhuti Center closed as a public place in 1982 and this video tape was packed away with other things and was in the cellar till 1994 when, while cleaning up we found it and naturally the tape was in a bad condition. We tried first to find the original film, but could not. This film is a rare document and we decided to save and preserve it, we got it re-mastered and transferred to a metal tape and made 60 copies which were given to Osho Centers in Germany only. In year 2000 we got it re-mastered again digitally and distributed it to Osho Centers around the World.

re Anubhuti

Osho Anubhuti is not a public center, it is in our flat where our sannyasin friends come together to see a video and to meet each other. Another activity is maintaining a local sannyas list as a Yahoo Group with over 400 members.

Surendra Bharti

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