Osho Arihant Meditation Center, Varazze

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(aka Osho Varazze Meditation Center)


The Osho Arihant Center is an open space for those who want to come closer to the path of individual research through meditation and groups.

This is also a place where you can meet friends who are walking in the same direction as you and where you can find suggestions or take guidance through individual sessions.

Its handsome geografical position makes it perfect for great holidays, so you can go to the seaside or to the riverside, into the woods or to the mountains and/or meditate.

The accomodation comprises four bed bunk rooms and the food is vegetarian.

Facilitators working in related activities can book this space, for their own groups.

Every day :

8am Dynamic meditation

5pm Kundalini meditation

Saturday 7pm : Evening Satsang


It is possible to come here any time in order to participate in our day-to-day activities. Especially in summertime you can fully enjoy the excellent position close to the sea, the mountains and the river. In June, July and September, we offer special facilities for families with kids. There is a bus service that stops at the center and goes to and from the seaside and the railway station in 10 minutes.

Each month we offer one "full immersion day in meditation" through which it is possible to experience many different Osho tecniques.

Contact Details

via Alpicella 28
17019 Varazze
Phone: +39 019 918-766
Fax: +39 019 918-766
Arihant OMC
Amici di Osho
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