Osho Chuang Tzu (1974)

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still 01m 18s.
Random footage of Woodlands, Bombay, Mt Abu Meditation Camps, the journey by car from Bombay to Poona, and early Poona 1, 1971-1974. Mostly silent.
Has part of lecture Come Come Yet Again Come ~ 02, different from the regular DVD-version, has some extra footage in the beginning, and maybe other jokes at the end.
1h 56min


Opening credits
Osho - Chuang Tzu 1974
1h 33min: Osho - Bombay to Poona, 21st March 1974
Closing credits
© 1974 Osho International Foundation

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,251 (version A) and OFA00,252 (version B).

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