Osho Meditation Series (series)

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This series of twelve books corresponds to the twelve months. For each day Osho has given a morning contemplation and an evening contemplation. "Month One" need not necessarily be the beginning of the calendar year but is the first month you begin to read. These short, inspiring meditations have been arranged to be read chronologically rather than randomly, as Osho's understanding of life is developed through each month. The books have been planned in such a way that each day has a particular theme, and the subject of the morning and evening complement each other.

The series of books is presumably based on A Must for Contemplation Before Sleep and A Must for Morning Contemplation. There is not only a chronological progression within each month-book but from one book to the next. The whole series is, in order:

Month One       Surrender to Existence
Month Two       Say Yes!
Month Three     Love Is a Free Bird
Month Four       Life Is a Gift
Month Five       Stranger to the Earth
Month Six         Be a Lamp Unto Yourself
Month Seven     Alone We Fly
Month Eight      Live Dangerously
Month Nine       I Teach Fearlessness
Month Ten        Become One with Yourself
Month Eleven    A Dewdrop in the Ocean
Month Twelve    Meditation - An Ecstasy