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Osho News is an online magazine dedicated to Osho and his people. It exists only online, having no paper or other media version. Also unlike other magazines, it has no regular "issues" or publication schedules, with the exception of its monthly horoscope column. All other articles and features come out when they come out.

The founder, co-ordinator, webmaster, art director and editor of Osho News is Punya. She is assisted in editing by Bhagawati, Madhuri, Kaiyum, Viramo and Roshani. A special mention goes to the many authors for their contributions and to Shanti, who put together the excerpt series 1001 Tales. All work/play on a volunteer basis.

ON's numerous features include jokes, obituaries, interviews, art, music, poetry, reviews, recipes, reminiscences, extensive book lists, lots of Osho and much much more. Major sections include:


Well, of course there's a home page. It is worth mentioning here that this home page is, for all the content available, simple and elegant. Discreet drop-down menus handle all the regular stuff and the rest of the page (before scrolling down) is a Featured Articles slideshow with impressively evocative and unusual images and minimal text. Mmmm!


The outpouring of creativity from Osho's people is nothing less than stupendous, and Osho News is geared up to present lots of samples. Major subsections are:

Art Gallery
All images are digitalized of course but some are created digitally. This (sub-)section has 95 posts in its first ten years, mostly paintings but some sculpture, performance, some mostly writings about creating, some just the art ...
This (sub-)section has 72 posts in its first ten years, themed collections of nature, people, places, etc ...
This (sub-)section has 92 posts in its first nine years. Most presentations are in video, plus a goodly amount of text to explain the who, what and where. Sample tracks from CDs, singular events, stories and more ...
This (sub-)section has 214 posts in its first nine years. This section is different from the previous ones in that not all presentations are from sannyasins, but the exceptions have strong spiritual themes which appealed to the eclectic editors.
Book excerpts and short stand-alone pieces, fiction and non-. This (sub-)section has 35 posts in its first nine years.

to be continued ...