Osho Portland (1985)

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still 00m 06s.
Various clips, raw footage of events in Portland, Oregon, USA.
00h 00m 06s : "Portland, November 1985" : Osho arrival back in Portland (?). That would have been on November 7.
00h 04m 57s : Press meeting with Hasya and Niren, after Osho's arrival back in Portland.
00h 10m 44s : "Portland, 8 November 1985" : Footage of a truck with musicians and singing sannyasins, night time, unclear what situation.
00h 17m 36s : Press meeting outside Portland court with Hasya about Osho given bail. Also present Amrito, Sw Dhyan Yogi, Ma Prem Arup, Sw Anand Nivedano and others.
00h 19m 59s : Osho coming out of the courthouse.
00h 20m 41s : Musicians playing & sannyasins dancing. Osho's visiting maybe the Portland hotel / Zorba the Buddha restaurant?
00h 26m 05s : "Portland, 14th November 1985" : crowd of sannyasins on the Rajneeshpuram airfield, Osho arriving there, Osho taking off.
00h 37m 57s : outside the US courthouse, Osho arriving in a motorcade.
00h 42m 26s : evening, Osho sentenced, coming out of the courthouse. Hasya, John, Niren accompanying.
00h 43m 34s : Osho leaving from the airport, crowd of sannyasins.
00h 46m 19s : "Portland October 1982" : Musicians and sannyasins at Rajneeshpuram airfield, Osho arriving by car, taking off. This would have been October 14.
01h 02m 34s : Musicians and sannyasins at Rajneeshpuram airfield, Osho arriving by plane, leaving by car.
01h 17m 26s : (b&w footage) A ma telling about what happened to a crowd.
01h 20m 20s : Osho's plane arriving in Portland (?), small group of sannyasins greet him on the airport, leaving by car
01h 25m 21s : Osho arriving at the Department of Immigration office, Sheela, Niren & others present. Sheela interviewed by press in the building. Osho being fingerprinted. Osho leaving the building, driving off.
01h 46m 32s : Car drive to the airport
01h 48m 48s : Sannyasins waiting at the airport, Osho arrives by car, leaves by plane.
01h 59m 19s : Images of the "Federal Building". (Probably where the Department of Immigration is.)
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Osho Portland November 1985
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